Episode 2 – What You Must Know About Using the Latest Technologies — With Sheila Cuffari-Agasi, AIF® and Aaron Spradlin

With new innovations happening each day, it can be difficult for advisors to find technology that balances their need to maximize their efficiency and brand with the need to perform routine due diligence.

Today, Sheila Cuffari-Agasi and Aaron Spradlin discuss what advisors need to know about using the latest technologies in their practices — especially when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients in a regulatory and legal way.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The challenges small businesses and advisors face when it comes to technology
  • How United Planners works to deliver automation and back office capabilities so advisors can run their businesses the way they want
  • How regulation works with advisors and vendors
  • Why your physical security should equal your cybersecurity
  • How the cleverDome model allows advisors and vendors to meet a due diligence standard
  • And more!

Join Sheila Cuffari-Agasi and Aaron Spradlin and learn how to make sure you have the proper safeguards in place to protect your client information.

Resources: WealthManagement.com | United Planners Financial Services: 1-800-966-8737 | cleverDome