Episode 1- Get Equipped to Create Your Succession Plan — With Sheila Cuffari-Agasi, AIF®

Do you have a succession plan?

If your answer is “no,” you’re certainly not alone. In fact, 93% of advisors don’t have a succession plan in place. It’s no wonder that Sheila Cuffari-Agasi, AIF® is so determined to help advisors take action.

In our debut episode, Sheila uncovers steps that you can take to inch closer to having your complete succession plan.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Five possible reasons why an advisor does not have a succession plan
  • Three actions FINRA is taking to encourage advisors to plan for the future
  • What FINRA Rule 2040 indicates is the only way to pay a non-registered person (i.e. heirs or the estate of a previously registered advisor)
  • What the differences are between a continuity plan and succession plan
  • Options for funding your future acquisition
  • What the LEAPS program is and how it gives advisors a four-way win
  • And more!

Tune in with Sheila Cuffari-Agasi and become equipped to finally get your succession plan in place!

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