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Alternative Dimensions of Risk in the CRE Market with Vivek Thadani and Luis Amador

Sponsored by Moody’s Analytics

Risk is an inevitable factor in any part of our lives, no less so in the real estate market. How do we assess and react to CRE risk that evolves as technology and society advances?

In this episode of the Success Zone Podcast, Vivek Thadani, head of product strategy, Moody’s Analytics CRE, and Luis Amador, general manager, Moody’s Analytics CRE, discuss alternative dimensions of risks, such as over-exposure to certain property types, climate change, cyber security and supply chain issues, as it evolves with society and the experience of CRE professionals and customers in using traditional and modern risk assessments. 

 Vivek and Luis discuss: 

  • The history of Moody’s Analytics within the commercial real estate space.
  • How to assess alternative dimensions of risk and why is that critical to CRE as technology evolves?
  • Why is it important to combine traditional and new types of risk assessments, and how the Moody’s Analytics approach is unique versus the competition?
  • What Moody’s Analytics CRE is hearing from its customers regarding their pain points and their experience with risk, whether it’s through supply chain risk, cyber risks, or climate change and the impact on capital improvements and financing.

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The Risk of Climate Change to the Commercial Real Estate Market with Thomas LaSalvia

Sponsored by Moody’s Analytics CRE

No one can deny that adverse climate events have a major impact on real estate properties across the country. Often, we don’t realize the larger implications of these events until a climate-related disaster happens close to home.

In this episode of the Success Zone Podcast, Thomas LaSalvia, Ph.D., senior economist at Moody’s Analytics, discusses the challenges the commercial real estate industry faces when it comes to climate change and the risks adverse climate events pose to commercial properties and the communities in which they are located.

Thomas discusses:

  • How potential adverse climate events, such as floods, hurricanes and fires, not only impact commercial properties through physical damage, but go beyond and cause second- and third-order impacts for commercial real estate owners.
  • How property insurers are responding to the increased risk of adverse climate events in certain areas of the U.S., and how these solutions could potentially affect commercial property valuations and operating costs.
  • What is climate gentrification and how it impacts commercial properties in high-risk areas.
  • The findings of Moody’s analysis of six high-risk metro areas in Florida and how climate risk impacted multifamily development in these markets.

Resources: WealthManagement.com | Moody’s Analytics.com | LinkedIn: Moody’s Analytics  | LinkedIn: Thomas LaSalvia